You’ll be Wowed by the 2013 Nissan Altima

2013 Nissan Altima 3 5SL 2012 NYIAS
2013 Nissan Altima 3 5SL at 2012 NYIAS.

Fun and functional features make Nissan’s revamped 2013 Altima one of the hottest cars around. You may be able to see for yourself at the International Auto Show, which will be in Phoenix in November. If you can’t wait that long, head over to a Nissan dealership for a peek.

Quick Overview

Before you’re even wowed by the updated Altima’s specific features, you should first be wowed by the sheer number of possible options. The vehicle comes in six different styles, three sporting a 2.5 L four-cylinder engine and three others containing a heftier 3.5 L six-cylinder engine, reports. Each engine size comes with three trim levels and optional packages. Ready for one more wow? The highway mileage on the small one is 38 mpg and the larger car 31 mpg. The starting price for the basic model is $21,500.

Zero-Gravity Seats

Nissan says inspiration for the Altima’s zero-gravity seats comes from the chairs used by astronauts, while likens the seats to really expensive office chairs. Regardless of what they bring to mind, FutureCars says the seats are incredibly comfy. adds the zero-gravity concept serves to boost your blood flow while lessening your muscular load, resulting in decreased fatigue. Both the driver and front passenger enjoy the zero-gravity seats while rear passengers are treated to plush back seats.

Heads Up Display

Keeping your eyes on the road is typically a good idea while you’re driving—the new Altima comes with a handy heads-up display that ensures just that. The heads-up display, or HUD, makes it easy to check various information without turning your head away from the street in front of you. Standard fare on the display include your average mpg, trip counter, safety diagrams and other info and stats, FutureCars explains. And the Altima HUD takes it even further.

Hook up to the hands-free Bluetooth option and your caller ID shows up on the HUD. Switch a channel on the radio or adjust your CD and the station or tune is displayed for you, as well. Using a navigation system? The heads up display proudly showcases directional information right down to each and every turn. Bluetooth capabilities and NissanConnect for smartphones are two features available for all models on the market, World News Resource notes.

Easy-Fill Tire Alert

Even the most conscientious of drivers don’t always have a tire gauge handy, which is where the new Altima’s tire alert kicks in. Not only does the clever feature notify you when tire pressure is low, it lets you know when you’ve pumped in enough air to meet pressure specifications. The Kicking Tires car blog has a video showcasing the system, which includes a dashboard readout for checking ongoing pressure. A warning light on your dash alerts you when tire pressure is low. Once you start filling your tire, a horn beep alert indicates when the tire reaches its optimum capacity.

Other Sensational Stuff

Other sensational features mentioned by include the less exciting, but no less essential, mechanical and safety characteristics. This includes active understeer control, blind spot warnings, lane departure alerts, redefined multi-link suspension and an advanced continuously variable transmission. Quietly bolting across the highway, the 2013 Nissan Altima’s stylish design philosophy is certain to turn heads and become the envy of the road.

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