Proper Semi-Truck Care Tips To Avoid Expensive Repairs

Semi-Truck Care Tips
Semi-truck. Image credit: Adobe Stock.

Semi-trucks require an extensive amount of power to operate. However, proper maintenance can prevent catastrophic damages and keep your vehicle running farther and longer. Here are some semi-truck care tips to avoid expensive repairs.

Grease and Lubricate Moving Parts

Semi-trucks require grease throughout their makeup to run correctly. Thankfully, it’s a maintenance job you can perform without a mechanic. While it’s time-consuming, it can save you expensive repair costs later.

Greasing all moving parts of your semi-truck can help with longer equipment longevity and require less maintenance. It may create a mess, but it’s an excellent way to keep your rigged vehicle in optimal condition.

Inspect Your Brakes

When carrying heavy-duty cargo in your semi-truck, coming to a smooth, complete stop is essential during long hauls. However, whenever your truck’s brakes activate, a small amount of friction wears materials off the pads. As a result, the brake pad material becomes thinner and can create unusual sounds or vibrations.

Checking your brakes can help determine how worn they’ve become in case of replacement. Additionally, understanding proper air brake maintenance is crucial for reliance and proper performance. Air brakes provide exceptional stopping power, enhance performance, and reduce brake drag.

Practice Proper Driving

Driving a semi-truck requires precision and care during long treks of road. Therefore, it’s crucial that drivers take care of their engines during their drives for optimal driving efficiency. Driving properly is another semi-truck care tip that can help you avoid expensive repairs. Try to avoid revving the engine upon starting the vehicle.

Instead, let the engine run for at least 10 minutes before driving. Avoid idling as much as possible, as engines can wear out faster and you’ll waste fuel. Additionally, ensure proper driving etiquette with wide load turns, long stopping windows, and awareness of other drivers.

Radiator Maintenance

One tip for avoiding hefty repair costs is to monitor your radiator before you start each new route. Big vehicle rigs require temperature control measures to ensure their operation longevity. Check your radiator for small leaks while topping off fluids running low.

If you notice any leaks from your radiator, you want to get it repaired as soon as possible to prevent overheating. In addition, cleaning your radiator regularly can allow for proper cooling by permitting more airflow to pass through the fins, increasing cooling capacity.

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