Buying New Car – Renault Duster Compact SUV’s Price Slashed

Renault Duster Compact SUV

Renault Duster has proved to be a very beneficial venture for Renault, who launched this SUV in 2012 and have received a great response from the users. This SUV is just 4.3 meters long which makes it a perfect car for the congested roads and heavy traffic and still the company has added a lot of detailing like roof rails, flared wheel arches and a squared off style to this vehicle which gives it the look and feel of an SUV. Compared to the versions in other countries, the Renault Duster has been changed in some ways to give it a plush look. This vehicle ensures great comfort to the driver and the passengers. It has two diesel variants and one petrol variant to choose from and all three engines are powerful and perform very well.

Though Renault Duster is in high demand, the company wanted to enhance sales and has slashed the prices of a few variants of this car. The company is also offering a roadside assistance for four years and a warranty of two years.

Thus, investing in a Renault Duster is definitely a good idea. The slash in the prices and the added offers in no way mean that there is any change in the quality of the fixtures that are included in this compact SUV. There are many great features which have made this car one of the most in demand vehicle and all these features are true value for money.

Let us see what Renault Duster has to offer:


Renault Duster has three variants in which two are diesel variants and one is the petrol variant. In the diesel variant, the smaller engine with a power of 85PS delivers a mileage of 20.64 kmpl on the highways but in the cities it delivers a mileage of 16.5 kmpl. The bigger diesel engine that produces a maximum power of 110PS delivers a mileage of 19.10 kmpl. On the other hand, the petrol engine has been certified by AAI as being able to deliver a mileage of 13.24 kmpl. The mileage delivered by all three engines is commendable and quite impressive.

Engine and Performance

As pointed out earlier, Renault Duster has three engine variants. The petrol engine is a 1.6L engine which is capable of generating a power of 102bhp @ 5850rpm and is attached to a five speed gearbox. This engine is extremely smooth and refined and the initial cost in maintaining this is also very low.

Though the petro engine is efficient and smooth, but the diesel engines are definitely the attention grabbers. There are two diesel engines. One is the smaller diesel engine which produces a power of 84bhp @ 4750rpm which is attached to a five speed gearbox. The other is the bigger and more powerful diesel engine which is capable of producing a power of 109bhp @ 3900rpm and is attached to a six speed gearbox. Both these engines perform well, but for people who love speed and performance the 109bhp diesel engine is the perfect choice. The acceleration for all the engines is the best and so is fuel saving and performance at top speed.


The interior of Renault Duster has been designed in a very conservative manner of brightness and space. No modern style has been included in designing the interiors. Rather the design is very practical and user friendly. There are many features which have been included in this SUV like keyless entry, music system with four speakers and USB, audio and phone control, air bags, wiper and defogger for the rear glass, cup holders, AC for the rear seats, rear parking sensors etc. All the furnishing has been done using leather which gives the interiors a very elegant and rich look.

There is enough head room, leg room and shoulder room which ensures that the passengers experience great comfort. The glove box is big which enables the user to store many things in it. It also has an impressive boot space of 475 liters.


The Renault Duster has a very muscular and sturdy look which makes it look just like an SUV. Due to all the care that has been given to the detailing on the exterior, this vehicle looks bigger than its actual length of 4.3 meters. There are many features to which the muscular design of the Renault Duster can be attributed like the roof rails, 16 inch alloys, wheel arches that are flared and styling which has been squared off. The chrome finished grille in the front and square head lights gives the front view a very simple and conservative look.

On the other hand, the big sign of Renault and the badge of Duster on the rear give the rear profile a more elegant and chic look. The side profile has many contours and the door handles which are of the same colour as that of the car body gives it a very stylish look. All in all the company has designed the exteriors of Renault Duster to make it resemble an SUV and just touched it up with a few novel ideas.

Handling Braking and Safety

The Renault Duster is easy to handle especially when driving on a terrain which is full of curves and twists. The braking mechanism of this vehicle is also quite good with disc brakes for the front wheels and drum brakes for the back wheels. This in combination with ABS makes the braking system very efficient. There are many safety features in this car like air bags for the driver and the passenger in the front, ABS, anti lock braking, seat belts etc. which makes this car safe for the roads.

So world class features along with the reduction in prices make Renault Duster one of the best cars available in the market in the SUV segment.

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