How To Best Prepare Your Bus Fleet for the Summer

Prepare Bus Fleet For Summer
Prepare your bus fleet for summer. Image credit: Adobe Stock.

Winter and spring are over. You likely made a lot of changes to your bus fleet to prepare for those seasons, like ensuring the heat was working and the tires were fit for the snow. But there are things you need to do for the summer, too. Let’s discuss some ways you can better prepare your bus fleet for summer.

Make Sure You Have The Right Features

The first thing you should do is change out the wiper fluid and use summer-weight oil. Vehicles need thick oil in the summer because it thins out in the heat, unlike winter-weight oil, which is much thicker.

How is your air conditioner working? One of the most important features a bus should have for summer is the proper equipment, including a high-quality air conditioner. If it’s been a while since you’ve changed them out, it might be time to get new ones. Ideally, you should consider ordering ACs for your fleet in spring, but it’s never too late to improve the state of your fleet, even in the summer heat.

Perform Your Inspections and Deep Clean

Any seasonal change should include inspecting your fleet’s condition. Make sure you wash off all the salt and ice melt from your vehicles and check your engine. Get your fleet’s interior deep cleaned by a professional service. Inspecting your fleet’s windshield wipers is another good idea since May and April brought a lot of rain, and your drivers were bound to use them heavily. Defective and dull wiper blades can reduce visibility on the road, and an inspection will reveal whether you need a new pair. This is a great way to prepare your bus fleet for the summer.

Prepare Your Drivers

Preparation is key when it comes to your driver’s well-being. Make sure they wear the right clothing. Ensure that they’re staying hydrated on the road, and check weather reports for any inclement weather so you can warn them ahead of time.

Even though it’s summer, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go over the basics with them. Use this time to retrain them—especially those needing to master the fundamentals. Teach them to focus on the road without distraction, be patient and avoid jerky movements, and drive below the speed limit. If you take these tips to heart, you’ll be well on your way to a safe and efficient fleet this summer.

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