Common Types of Car Damage and How To Avoid Them

Car Damage
Car damage. Image credit: Adobe Stock.

There are many different ways to take care of your vehicle. While we often think of vehicle damage as what happens when you get into an accident or when something goes wrong with your engine, that’s not always the case! There are several different common types of car damage, and knowing how to avoid them can help you get the most mileage out of your transportation.

Sun Damage

Damage from the sun is one of the main things that can make your car look rougher over time. With harsh UV waves constantly beating down on the paint, bright colors may start to fade and look uneven. You can protect your car from sun damage by limiting exposure to the light and parking in the shade. We also recommend installing a clear coat on your vehicle and applying a new coat of paint if necessary.

Body Damage

Body damage is one of the most common types of car damage and is not always easy to avoid. Most body damage comes from the result of an unexpected accident, whether you back your car out and bump into something or find yourself in a full collision. You can try to mitigate body damage by protecting your car’s bumper since it helps absorb most of the damage. You may be able to address small dents and scratches at home, but extensive damage may require bringing your car to a body shop.

Upholstery Damage

Upholstery damage occurs when the seats or carpeting of your vehicle experience trouble over the years. This type of damage often occurs alongside heat damage, which can weaken the fabrics and materials over time. We recommend installing a windshield reflector when you park your car. Another common side effect of upholstery damage is unpleasant odors in your vehicle. You can help prevent these by using an air fresher, installing floor mats, and avoiding open foods or drinks in the vehicle, as these odors can permeate the seat cushions.

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